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    The gentle hand of understanding
    across the water -
    the story of our mission;
    two hands over two sands
    sharing a common kinship.

    Two hands clutching quietly,
    and two hands
    keeping two lands in safety,
    the two holding the same truth
    on the same horizon, come what may.

    Mererid Hopwood, St. David's, August 2002 (transl.)


    07.03.2014  St. David's Day Party 2014 - see the photos
    24.11.2013  2013 Annual meeting report
    30.06.2013  Coastal Walk - Bray to Greystones
    30.06.2013  Padraig Pearse and the 1899 National Eisteddfod
    13.05.2012  Welsh Lessons in Dublin
    12.02.2012  At Anchorage in Dublin
    07.02.2012  Howell Evans
    25.07.2011  Dublin Welsh Society 1964-66
    17.05.2011  Dublin Welsh Chapel on RTE Television

    26.07.2007  Beer and Cider in Ireland
    08.10.2006  "Planet" - an appreciation by Roy Johnston
    27.08.2006  LEXICELT online Welsh-Irish dictionary
    21.07.2006  The Celtic Tri Genealogy project: linking Welsh descendants with their roots

    Draig Werdd - the Welsh Society in Ireland is an organisation based in the Republic of Ireland whose mission is to raise awareness of Wales and Welsh affairs across Ireland, and to provide a social network for Welsh people living in Ireland.

    The organisation consists of individuals from differing national and cultural backgrounds who share the same concerns regarding the promotion of Welsh interests in Ireland, in response to the new era that exists in Welsh political, economic and cultural life following the establishment of the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff.

    Together with our associate organisation in Cardiff, the Wales Famine Forum (see link on right), we seek to create closer links and understanding between our two countries.  Let us know if you have any contributions to this aim.

    Click here to find out more about Draig Werdd - the Welsh Society in Ireland!

    Draig Werdd - the Welsh Society in Ireland 

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